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Tax advisory

We provide day-to-day consulting in the field of VAT, CIT, PIT, excise duty, withholding tax, inheritance and donation tax and local taxes, including, in particular:

  • preparing tax optimization schemes and tax-favorable transformations of legal forms;
  • assistance in applying for binding tax interpretations;
  • assistance during tax / customs and tax inspections as well as Social and Health Security inspections;
  • assistance in enforcement / tax proceedings as well as in proceedings before Polish administrative courts;
  • preparing appeals, complaints against decisions of tax control bodies, pleadings, etc .;
  • periodical updates on tax law changes.

Accounting services

Our services include

  • full accounting books (including preparation of the required financial statements);
  • revenue and expense ledger (KPiR);
  • lump sum accounting (Ryczałt);
  • HR and payroll services;
  • financial audit service;
  • settlement of subsidies and allowances.

We provide accounting services mainly remotely, but there is also possibility of personal contact. The accounting services include preparation of required tax declarations and notifying client about amount of taxes for a given period in each of the above variants.

Support for management decisions

We prepare:

      • financial and management analysis;
      • implementations of internal procedures required by law;
      • analysis and updates of existing internal procedures;
      • enterprise management reporting schemes.


We train groups or individuals in the field of taxes and accounting.

Trainings can also be conducted remotely, in particular, after purchasing an access to a previously recorded film.


We assess our price for tax advisory services after estimating the time necessary for its performance.

Sample prices for accounting services:

  • keeping a book of revenues and expenses up to 20 documents, PLN 200 net per month.
  • keeping commercial books up to 20 documents, from PLN 450 net per month.